The impossible wardrobe

During Paris fashion week there was a beyond epic presentation at the palais de Tokyo. Please see below to read about the amazing presentation that momma Tilda did with some antique clothes, a runway and some of the most stylish people in the world. Enjoy.


Balmain bag

I’m living for this Balmain bag. I still can’t find it in the stores but I am lusting over it. With a heavy price tag ($4,900.00) and some massive jewelry/hardware (gold Italian horn co designed by Aurelie Bidermann) it’s the perfect bag for the everyday running around and you can even take off the horn and wear it as a necklace. I’m rocking it out his season


The Beauty of Minimalism: Celine

The Celine show has just walked in Paris and I am once again floored by how amazing the clothing has progressed from the season prior. Celine is known for its minimalist approach to fashion and taking risks on shapes to create a modern elegance that is not found in many other collections. These clothes make statements without being extremely showy. Through cuts, drapes and design elements that are forward thinking and unlike anything else in the market. For resort we were presented with larger shapes in the pants and ethnic prints that reference African tribalism and Mondrain’s modernism. This season we see a return to the base color palette that Phoebe Philo is known for. We have black, white, sand and grey (and a few pop colors for the sheared mink heels) to play with, and play with the colors she does. In lush satins and silks, draped cottons andengulfing mink. The beauty of this show was not what was there but what wasn’t. There wasn’t a ton of complex elements, these clothes are easy to understand, wonderful to wear and are defiant show stoppers. So take a peak at whats in store for the spring with Celine, and keep up the good work Ms. Philo.

A Review of the New York Shows

So NYFW is long over. I am over my post fashion week cold and everything is back to business as usual. We saw a lot of growth in NYC during the shows, lots of references to art and the past. Shapes, silhouettes and colors took us back to a more pure and simple time when dressing was more of an art in itself then a daily chore. I have curated below my favorite looks from the runways of New York. From the simplicity of Donna Karan’s muted spring, to the shocking colors and prints of python from Proenza Schouler, to the mix and match prints of Timo Weiland, to the insane surrealism of Thom Browne and the pure chicness of Altuzarra’s Parisian Indians. This is just to name a few. I am proud to be a New Yorker after witnessing these collections, NYC has truly reaffirmed itself as a Fashion Powerhouse after the shows this season and I can’t wait till spring. So enjoy the images below and get to pre-shopping because these items are bound to be hot items in the stores.

YSL’s Gold Toe

I am obsessed with these boots from YSL for this fall. I think there is nothing chicer then a gold toe.

Stefano had started using this plating method last season on a beautiful high heeled oxford that I was most certainly gushing over. Now these boots have come along and I find myself lusting over another simple, chic and elegant gold toed shoe.

This piece is one of many that YSL is offering from its Fall 2012 line with the gold plate detail. Hurry into the store on 57th and ask for Brandon. You won’t regret it.


Doris Duke and Her Shangri La

On Wednesday night The Museum of Arts and Design was nice enough to invite me to the VIP opening of a very brief exhibition focused on Doris Duke’s Hawaii home Shangri La. The exhibition had pieces from Duke’s massive collection of Islamic art, clothing and photographs of the place loved and knew as her own personal paradise. The pieces that were selected were all from the 17th and 18th century primarily from the middle east and Asia. Gorgeous desks with pearl inlay and an incredible amount of handwork, hand cast bronze lamps and beautiful mosaic doors. Items right out of Aladin. I was truly honored to be able to attend this show because of the time sensitive nature it held. The Museum only had these pieces for a few days before they had to be returned to the Doris Duke foundation at Shangri La. Please enjoy the photographs below and check it the museum if your in NYC and have some time, if not you can always goto









Fashion Weak

New York’s Spring 2013 Fashion Week was not kind to me this year. After only 6 full days of fashion I officially have a cold and I’m completely burnt out. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t get to report to you about all the fun and fabulous times that I’ve had the past few days.

The week started for me on Thursday with Fashion’s Night Out. Which should be renamed Fashion’s Absolute Shit Show. I have to admit though, I did have fun this year. Myself, my boyfriend Fabian and My best friend Marianne Jemtegard (One of the hosts of Good Morning Norway) started the evening at the Moods of Norway event in Soho. The event was titled The Really Really Blonde Party, it was a vodka soaked wig filled blast. After working on a little buzz and rubbing shoulders with some Scandinavian big wigs we moved on to the Stella McCartney party down the street where my dear friend Spencer Product was DJing ( There was some dancing, a little drinking and an all around good time. From there we took off and went to the Christian Louboutin party for some champagne and shoes. The men’s store which is the newest baby in the Louboutin family was absolute madness but the women’s store was calm quiet and collected. From there we caught a little dinner in my neighborhood and moved on to our finally stop of the night, The OUT Hotel, where Amanda Lepore was hosting on the great lawn. Now what went on at the OUT was insanity which involved DIY outfits and a trash barrel. One for the books but not one to repeat.

The following night Marianne and myself went to the Elle Fashion Next show where a selection of students from FIT competed for 50k to fund their fashion career. I was really impressed with some of the work that was produced and it’s always good to know the fresh talent that is coming out of the gates. I also got to spend some time with my favorite blogger Bryan Boy ( and  the queen of downtown Miss Sophia Lamare ( The work is featured below from the winning designers. From that show Fabian and me went to the Nasty Gal ( event at the Westway which is a hip downtown club that was formerly a strip club. They kept all the elements of the strip club including the back room and the stage. It was interesting to say the least. The performance by Blood Orange ( was riveting with guitars being thrown in the air and madness on the microphone. I was throughly impressed and it was seriously a great performance.

The next evening was Domonique Echeverria’s show at the OUT Hotel. This was a show that I was working with IN*Tandem Magazine ( on. Domonique designs surrealist garments for women however the show was cast with mostly men in the dresses and one super star, Katrina Darhling, Kate Middleton’s cousin ( That show was absolute madness. The dresses were beyond beautiful with chiffon and silk flowing down the runway in the most dramatic of ways. I was very proud of the show and was thrilled to be a part of it. Katrina Darling is also one of the sweetest women I’ve met in a long time and a drop dead beauty.

Finally on Sunday, I started feeling a cold coming on, so I skipped the Timo Weiland show which I feel terrible about but he wouldn’t want to be coughing all over the collection. However, the show was outstanding. Timo channeled an elegant femininity into his collection and showed so many pristine pieces that I can not speak more highly of. The show which featured men’s and women’s looks seriously blew me away. The lines, color and use of print was brilliant and I want to say congratulations to the boys, Timo and Alan. KUDOS!

I have taken a break from the shows and parties to spend time with my friends who are in from out-of-town but I will be back in action of Thursday evening with the Stephan Burrows presentation and the I Still Love You event. Below you will find all the photos from my misadventures and also a selection of looks from the Elle Fashion Next Show and the Timo Weiland Spring 2013 collection. Please check back in when I review my favorite collections and touch base on the coming trends that will need to be implemented into your closet this coming spring.

Working That Cashmere in For Fall

Let me just start by saying this piece was inspired by an article I read in the September Issue of Vogue. Cashmere should be an everyday staple in the wardrobe of every woman and every man. A cashmere sweater is truly the quintessential go to piece when you don’t know what to wear. You can wear it over a top, throw it over your shoulder or even wrap it around your waist and you have a complete look. It can be preppy, it can be avant or it can be grunge, it depends on the way you style it. However, you will always have A LOOK.

Cashmere comes from a region that covers Afghanistan, India, China and Mongolia where the Hircus goats are bred and cashmere pieces have been made here since the 17th century. In the 18th century English soldiers of the East India trading Company brought  back scarfs from the region which were copied and became extremely successful when sold. Cashmere is from the underbelly of these amazing animals which survive some of the harshest weather and terrain imaginable. Every spring, shepherds sheer the goats and give us the wonderful fiber that is spun and becomes cashmere.

A few tips on working cashmere into your look:

If it’s a bit chilly out, and your going to the office. Try to work in a cashmere cardigan that you button up and throw over your shoulder and tie. Pair this with a woven button up shirt and a pair of jeans plus a great chunky heel and your done. For night, take the cardigan off your shoulders and wear it open over the shirt, then throw on some pearls  dinner look. Classic, CHIC and american. Jackie O realness.

If it’s just a bit brisk out for night and you don’t want to wear a sweater then grab a cashmere scarf. Wrap the scarf around your neck and tuck the ends in so they aren’t exposed. Just make sure that it doesn’t look bunchy. If you have a longer or wider scarf, wrap the scarf around you twice and then tie in the front and wear it draped. If you get chilly later and the scarf is larger, then wrap the scarf around your shoulders and rock out a gypsy look.

A cashmere shell is also a great way to go if you have an evening meeting or if its a bit chilly in the morning. Bring a button down shirt or a contrasting cardigan with you to work or to run errands. If you want to be ultra chic then wrap the sweater or button down shirt like a scarf around your purse handles so that you have a matchy or contrasty look. When you get to the evening or get chilly then throw on the shirt/sweater and have a ball!

If you have happened to purchase ONE OF MY FAVORITE PIECES for the season, which is the non closure cashmere felt coat, then put on your sexiest tightest dress and throw that coat over it. You will look like sex on a stick and feel gorgeous.

Below you can find some imagery of working cashmere into a look and working it out!

Images from, J. Crew and Brunello Cucinelli. 

At the end of the day, winter is coming. Summer is over and we all want to be warm. Cashmere is the answer to this situation. So this season, why not take a chance and buy a new piece of cashmere. A scarf, a sweater, a coat or even a hat. Work it into your wardrobe, take care of it and have it forever.

In my next entry I’ll be talking about caring for cashmere beyond dry cleaning so that you will be able to enjoy the piece forever and I’ll also be speaking about some of my favorite designers and how they use cashmere in their collections.

Thom Browne: From Suits to Fashion

Thom Browne has always produced a product that we all know and love. The perfect shrunken grey suit. Thom has evolved, he has evolved from a tailor into a real designer, with themes, ideas and inspiration. And a womenswear line that I am undoubtably in love with. However, the topic I wanted to touch on tonight is the Fall 2012 line that was shown last February in NYC. The show touched on tailoring and construction points that were unheard of within the Thom Browne world and the sheer brilliance of the production of the show infatuated me. There were elements of haute couture within the collection with the way the clothes contorted the body of the models, there was a beauty within this element of ugliness, almost looking at a Quasimodo and finding out he has a nice pair of eyes.

The collection is based around jocks vs. punks. A classic hatred that everyone went through in high school. Yet, Thom doesn’t explore each side as a separate element, he merges them into one singular theme. Creating this mish-mash of pin totting meat heads that are utterly original and cool. When I first saw this collection I honestly wasnt in love with it. Then after a tour around the Thom store in Tribeca this weekend I most certainly feel in love. The details in these jackets, the spikes, the pins, the zippers and the cuts are unheard of in comparison to some of the best pieces I have seen in past collections. What I loved especially about the use of spikes within the collection was the way that they were embroidered onto the fabric of the pants and the jackets. The spikes have been sewn some that there is complete movement within the elbow patches and the knees so that the spikes actually move with you. This technique is a beautiful new way to look at these harsh “true to punk” elements which I throughly enjoyed. No longer is there just short pants and funny looking jackets at Thom Browne, now there is a real feeling of real runway pieces. Items you can take away from the collection and insert into your wardrobe as a new stable and a piece of history within the world of Thom Browne.

All Images from